A child for the first time joins school in Montessori Section where he is helped to grow according to his natural design. The child enjoys learning through fun in loving and caring environment.

We have very well equipped modern Montessori. Teaching is done through play-way material and teaching methods are used to encourage child to make judgments and discoveries for him or herself.

The Ginn Infant Starter Series in English, Science and Mathematics are used as a core text books. These Ginn series are of the international standard meeting the British National Curriculum requirements.


At both pre and Elementary level the Ginn series in English. Mathematics and Science are used as a core text books. Other then these subjects Oxford programs of Studies are followed. Accompanying our text books are some stimulating materials. Creativity, cassettes, group discussion books, audio-visual system and some other supplementary material. One of the unique aspect of our program is that we places stress on English language development through our supplementary reading books accompanying the language development material.


Special Note

The School prepares students for University of London & Cambridge GCE O’ And A’ Level Exams.