Admission Information

Children are admitted on first come first serve basis as seats are limited. However, admission in the Montessori classes is throughout the year to fill in any vacancy. Application for admission are accepted only on prescribed form. Registration does not in any way guarantee admission. It simply means recording the name of the child for the purpose of the test/interview against the vacancy available. Students are admitted depending upon their academic records, test scores recommendations and extra curricular achievements. All the students are required to take entrance test to make sure the level they are entering is best suitable to them according to their age and academic capability. Admission is totally at the discretion of the principal, whose decision cannot be challenged in any way and will be absolutely final.

Age Level

Students are admitted according to the following age level in their respective class.


Montessori 3 Years +
Nursery 4  Years +
Prep 5  Years +

 Junior-High School

Class I 6 Years +
Class  II 7 Years  +
Class  III 8 Years +
C lass  IV 9 Years +
Class   V 10 Years +
C lass  VI 11 Years +
Class  VII 12  Years +
Class  VIII 13  Year  +
Class IX 14 Years +
Class X 15 Years +

 O’ Level

1 ST Year 14 Years +
2nd  Years 15 Years+

 A’ Level

1ST Year 16  Years
2nd  Years 17  Years