Pupils are continuously monitored to assess performance and behavior. There is a continuous assessment in each subject through a series of chapter and unit tests, daily class work, project or practical and final examination. These elements are combined and each subject is awarded to produce on aggregated marks are given in the form of letter grades of A through F.


Outstanding          A+  90 ——– 100 %
Excellent          A  80 ——– 90 %
V. Good          B +  75 ——– 70 %
Good          B  70 ——– 74 %
Fair          C  65 ——– 69 %
Satisfactory          D  60 ——– 64 %
Growth Needed          E  50 ——– 59 %
Fail          F   49 %  and below .

Playgroup through class 8 students are assessed as follows:

60% of the total marks are awarded for the test

40% of the marks are awarded for the class work

At the end of the last term all the student except pre-school are asked to take final examination.


Pre-school students are assessed by the teachers for promotions to the next class. The principal will act strictly upon the class teacher recommendation in such cases.


Final examination take place in Elementary and junior-High School at the end of last term. The final examination percentage is based on a project / practical besides class works and test.

Students in Elementary are examined only in their required subjects: English, Math and Urdu while in junior – High student are examined in all their subject. The percentage required for promotion is 50%.


All promotions and detentions are totally at the discretion of the principal whose decision cannot be challenged in any way. Any student who has failed twice in the same class is to be withdrawn from the school. The principle may recommend withdrawal, if a student’s performance is weak.


In order to keep the parents fully informed of the progress of their children a series of parent teacher meetings takes place on fixed dates throughout the school year.


1st Week of March

1st week of June

1s week of December

All PTA’s take place between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. The parents will be informed about its date well before in time.