Fee must be paid by the 8th of every billing month to avoid being charged a late fine. It must be deposited in the bank where the school operates its account.

Payment will be accepted only in cash.


Summer vacation fee (June to August) are payable in advance during May and June.

  1. a)      For May and July by 8th of May.
  2. b)      For June and August by 8th of June.


Defaulters will be barred from entering the campus. Any outstanding paper work will be with held till the clearance of the account. Refusal to respond to notice will result in the cancellation of student’s registration number.

In case of re admission student will have to pay full admission in addition to other outstanding dues.


Fees are liable to increase according to the rate of inflation.


All the students admitted in the school are bound to obey the following school rules and regulations. Any student found violating these rules shall be subject to warning, fines, suspension and even expulsion.

  1. Students should be punctual.
  2. Students should be dressed in clean, ironed and correct uniform.
  3. Female students may not wear jewelry or make up to school.
  4. Parents whose children are absent from school because of illness should inform the school in written.
  5. Cell Phones, Ipods, Ipads, Tabs or anythings like that are not allowed in the school premises.
  6. Fighting, theft, possession of drug, obscene language and damage to school property is strictly inhibited.